Dress me up Vol. 2

In this thread I wanted to share with you some of my own "rough" designs.

They are mainly ideas that I will be trying to present to you through a mood board and some descriptions of each of those designs.

its an all jumpsuit with laser cut belt,cuff and neck details..overlaying feather cape lined with a contrasting color.

Ombre fabric with a fringe shawl on the shoulder part till the bust, metal deformed asymmetric belt and a fishtail skirt bottom that ends with the same fringes same color as the cape.

A feather cape and feathers all along the side of the dress and sleeves,and a pleated flouncy back from the same color of the dress.

A hard asymmetric collar and belt with an embellished detail that fades as you go down and also starts from the hem of the pants part and fades up, a detail addition is the longer sleeve part.