Do you have a physical store or show your products at various concept stores?

Yes! we have a physical store location in : 151 elbanafseg 5 ,1st settlement , New Cairo
Working days: Saturday to Thursday .
Fridays are off.
Working Hours: 11 am to 3 pm
You can also find selected items of our collection in Azola concept store & both branches of Hijab Boutique.


You can shop at as a REGISTERED customer or as a GUEST. Registration is very easy. We will only ask you for the basic information necessary for the buying process. The registration form provides examples of formats that can help you enter information such as phone number. As a registered customer, the information about your order is available to you at any time via your account . As a guest customer, you can find this information via the link that we send you in the confirmation e-mail.

Changed orders

After completing your order, we will email you a confirmation with the details. Please note that it is not possible to cancel or change your order if it is at an advanced stage of preparation.


You can save the articles that you like best on your wishlist. So you always have them at hand. It is very easy to use: every time you click on the wishlist icon, you add this item to your list. Remember that you can only use the wishlist if you are a registered customer and the wishlist does not guarantee the availability of the products.


All of our items have the same prices both in the showroom and in the online shop.If there is a difference between the prices in the online shop and the prices on the clothing labels, the applicable price is always the price indicated at the time of purchase from our website.


To help you find the right size, we have provided a detailed description and measurements for each item in the description box under each product.

Fabric Care

Our fabrics with a very characteristic feel . Good moisture absorption. It should not be washed at high temperatures or spun, so it is not advisable to tumble dry it. We usually recommend dry cleaning and always placing a cloth over it when ironing or better steam it.

Signature Scent

All our products smell in our signature scent that is safe for fabric use and lasts up to 10 days in your fabric.


We accept Visa & Master Cards at our showroom along with Cash . ​