Spring & Daisies

Spring is finally here ! Europe's weather has been crazy cold this year .

I missed the colors outside, missed my colorful and floral outfits and i can finally take out these crazy colored summer clothes .

it was such a great weather today , So we went to Parco Sempione , Milan. I put together an outfit with cullotes instead of pants which is very suiting for short people like me !

Lately i have been so into patterned pants, i feel like they give the outfits more uniqueness than having a patterned top sometimes.

Lately it has been a trend to wear scarf with lace details but i just love them! they give uniquness to each plain scarf which i lately only prefer to wear. you can find them at any scarves shop like Mmadad located in Ard Elgolf Masr el Gedida & Tagamoa or on instagram my favorite page @Echarpe_rm .

Last but not least my wedged sandals which you will be seeing a lot of as they are my absolute favorite from Charles & Keith who i actually love buying heels from coz they never give me the amount of pain any other pair give me.

I just love spring and i hope i can show you more unique outfits all through spring and summer :)