Introducing ME

Hey everyone ! My name is Fatma Sharmy, I am an Egyptian fashion stylist/enthusiast xD

i have loved fashion and dressing differently to show my mood and feelings since i was a little girl and it implemented on every outfit i wore..i even put my twist on my school uniform !

Years passed by, for me to attend Architecture University which was totally different than my interests but still, it showed how much i loved any sort of Art where i actually aced any subject with coloring, design or basically anything art related .

While I was at the university i was so fed up of just spending time doing something i am not passionate about, when i decided to go ahead and start my own business at 19.

Of course i started small as i was basically gambling with my Dad's money so i wanted to make my own money before risking his. Seeing how fashion sense in Egypt wasn't of a big variety and being able to travel with my family abroad every year made me see that fashion is such a big pool of options.


I started getting all what's unique and this lead to me NOW opening my own boutique and online store.

This job gave me the access to the fashion platform in Egypt and lead me to participate in photoshoots and lead ones myself which expanded my horizons and generated my love for both fashion styling and photography.

I moved to Milan 3 years ago with my Husband and now I'm living in one of the top Fashion capitals . I can't tell you how much this city inspires me <3 This will be showing in my posts and i hope you get inspired too .

In my blog i will be sharing my work, my thoughts, my outfit ideas and how i got to make different fashion compositions.